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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Interveiwing my mom

Me: Hay, mom, can I interview you on your childhood?

Mom: Sure.

Me: Okay, how were you treated?

Mom: By whom?

Me: Oh, just forget I said a word. What did you like to do when you were young?

Mom: Well, I loved writing, and I also I liked smimming, but I LOVED having adventures on my bike.

Me: What adventures?

Mom: Well, I liked going down really steep hills. You see, I was a dare-Devil.

Me: Cool! Anyway, what were your cats names?

Mom: Oh god, I, I can't remember them. I'm sorry... but when I was a teenager I had millions of cats that lived on a farm with me and my family.

Me: Hmmm... okay, what was your personality when you were young?

Mom: I was really thoughtful, although quite sensitive, VERY talkitive, and very adventurous.

Me: Always getting into trouble?

Mom: No, I barely ever got into trouble, I was very responssible.

Me: What did you colect?

Mom: What did I colect, boy, did I colect anything? Hmmm... buttons. When I was a little younger than you I colected buttons.

Me: Hmmm... Okay, were down to the last question; Mom... I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!

Mom: Were going to have food in a few min. Now, what was your question?

Me: I'M HUNGRY!!!!


At 9:25 PM PST, Blogger PETS said...

I want to know what was you question for you mother... PETS:

At 9:42 PM PST, Blogger Ivory said...

I like your blog this is my first time finding it. I am Ivory I am 30 and my blog is on this site as well. it is very nice to get to know you I have a daughter who is 9 and she loves cats too. Hers is named Queen Mab.

At 1:17 PM PST, Blogger Russell Van Rooy said...

Hi Hannah ! It's your step-Dad Russ, here ! I wonder if the bold tag works ! If you see something bold I guess it does !
Hope you are having a nice day and I will see you soon ! - love, Russ


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