Spiritual Mercury

Spirits rome here... singing songs in the wind, calling the name "Mercury, oh mercury, where have you gone?" over and over again... bless Mercury, the tabby kitten, messanger to all loved ones...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wensday, Nov. 30 2005

Greetings from planet Earth, were life is taunting me! We bring no polutoin, cars, guns or fights by are sides and we hope to make peace on your humble planet. Anyway, today was swell, if you think blowing up into bits isn't that bad. Stress, stress, and more stress! School just isn't my thing, and I know it for a fact! I think me and my enemy are finally becoming friends, and now Melia feels as if it's even now. I was playing freeze-tag today, I came back inside and Melia jumped back and screamed. It happened to mean my face was as red as the flames in a fire, burning with confusion, although energy. Man, I can't just be perfect, can I?

I was sitting in class waiting for luck to strike me, when a ring of a bell got me off gaurd for the wanted luck. "MATH GROUPS" Yelled a class mate, holding the bell in w one hand. I sighed sadly, hanging my head as my dark creamy brown eyes stared down at the tiled floor. I got up and slowly walked over to Math Groups with my math folder under my armpit, there really was no hurry. All that was going to happen was to be yelled at for never understanding what the teacher was saying. Sheesh. But, let's skip that. "RING!!!!!!" A sharp ring struck me as I was doing my work in the class with my hand bussily writing down info on my paper. I jumped, falling down out of my chair, and hitting the ground with a huge "THUMP!!!" Shock ran across me as I fell tords the ground, my eyes tightly closed, and my arms rapped around the chair. After the fall, I quickly got up and left the class for breack/snack, a good time to go crazy...


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