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Friday, December 02, 2005

Another wonderous Friday, 2005

I stand solid,
Trying not to move or touch,
Wondering when the game "Statues" would end...

Hello, and greetings from... ummm... school. We bring you knowlege, we reapeet: We bring you knowledge.... Anyway, today was wonderous, if you think passions and fun stuff all day is wonderous. Every Friday is a half day, and a freedom-day! Wahoo! Weekend! Halfness! Freedom! Hope and faith! Talking, and every day you know there's going to be trouble! lol! Well... like I was saying... on with my day and the story!

I looked down at my feet, wondering why we could not watch the movie. A few kids groaned, and one kid shouted out; "We came here to watch a movie, not sit here and wait!" Billy, one of our teachers, turned around and sighed "I'm afraid that were not going to watch a movie... But we can always just reasurch about them!" Billy said, a little dissapointment in his voice. I felt like laughing, why reasurch? I came here for the computer to show me the stuff about Lous and Clark, not sit by the computer and search! "What?" Screamed out Zoey, a girl one grade higher then me, "Can't we just play statues? You know, out in the ware house?" It took a while to talk the teacher into it, but everyone agreed at the end to play in the room we were already were in. All the teachers left the room, leaving all the kids who wanted to play statues alone. I was it first, forced to sit on a hard chair and to close my eyes now and then. I closed my eyes, then after two or three minutes opened them to see somebody right before they got to me, I saw there elbow quickly stop in the air. "Your out, Nate...!" I said, looking into his brown eyes. "What?" He said, "You cheeted, you did not see me!" I sighed, then lied saing that I had not, and left him to another time. I closed my eyes, and gently layed my hands over them. A couple minutes later, I opened them again to see another kid spin on the chair, I saw his hand steer it, then quickly stop seeing that I was watching. "Saw you, Anakin!" I said, a grin spreading across my face. "Okay..." very calmly and all He said, walking over to a bench,. Two boys suddenly appearedout of nowhere, looking at me in a strange way. "Hay, what's going on?" one boy said, tilting his head to one side. "Were playing statues, Koa and Deigo...!" I said, closing my eyes again. "Cool!" Called out Koa, running over to join the game. Deigo followed Koa, a smile gently layed on his face. "Start over!" Called out Anna, a small little girl. I nodded. Closing my eyes again. I opened them a minute later, everybody but Anakin moving, "Saw you, again Anakin." Anankin just nodded, walking over to the bench. This time I turned around, my back only showing, and I quickly heard movement. I quickly turned around, seeing sombody move. "Saw you Yona." I called, Yona sort of quivering. "Darn it...!" She said, walking over to the bench. 20 minutes flew by, and everyone but Koa and Deigo were left. Koa won, only because he didn't move. I shook my head. "Koa, you have to move...!" I sighed, heading towards my other classes.


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