Spiritual Mercury

Spirits rome here... singing songs in the wind, calling the name "Mercury, oh mercury, where have you gone?" over and over again... bless Mercury, the tabby kitten, messanger to all loved ones...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My cats

**********************************MY CATS!!!!!*************************************

Smokey, my dear 6 year old tabby cat, he looks sort of like mercury in a way.

Aster, my bombay kitten when she was very young and we had brought her home. Looking at this pic is telling me aster really hasn't grown much, even if she's one now and full grown.

Picture of my beloved Mercury coming soon(When I get my camera developed).


At 10:22 AM PST, Blogger Kid-hip-hop said...

I'm not possitive... But I think you tryed to leave a comment on my blog? Switched that entire site, http://outlawgamer.blogspot.com/, to my other acount: UserDave. So if you would, could you repost your comment! thanks a bundle. P.S. Hope you find your cat! and best of luck to your blog!

At 6:15 AM PST, Blogger shnoof said...

thanks mercury!!i love cats!!very much...your blog too is nice!!iam a french boy sry for the english....bye


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