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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2005

A frown spreads across my face,
As I slowly drive away,
From my beloved friend, Melia.

Hello, and I'm glad I'm back from Crazyland, my friend's house. lol. Well, I'll see her tommorrw on school, for tommorrow is a half day! Ever Friday is! No math! No goals! No no choices! All fun passoins! Yay! School has suddenly become a "No Choice" school. It's not fair, we have to wait fifteen min. to go outside and enjoy ourselfs, we HAVE to do this, we HAVE to do that, and listen to me, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! FREEDOM! FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM!!! And when I see freedom, I mean love, nonpolution, and to think before you do, see what you are doing, and most importantly... NO WAR!!! (Sigh) But that's just a dream, a dream that has now failed, and will always be a failure. People never think about the poor, until they have drounded or something worse. New Orleans is plenty of proof. Man, WHY? WHY?!?! I've been running around school asking people what I should write about, all they say is "Write what you want to write about." Man, that's no help! I need a topic! I can't think of one, so I have no topics I want to write about, darn it! Anyway, today was okay, if you don't think your choices running down hill is bad. (Sigh) It's never fair! Now, to get back to what I was saying...

"BOOM! CRASH! BOOM!" A scream of terror ran across the room, startling Melia's mom. "What's wrong?" She said in panic, quickly running into Melia's room. I was hanging on the huge and tall bed, while melia was wildly dancing across the room. Melia's mom, stopped, shook her head, then shut the door without another word. Melia and I started to brake out into to laughs, Melia getting back to dancing, and I, falling off the bed onto the floor onto a basket of stuffed animals. I got up, Melia cracking up at the sight of me trying to retreive balance. When I myself was up, I started to brake into giggles, and then into laughs. "That as funner than fun!" I laughed, slapping my knee. "MY TURN!" She screamed, running over to the bed, and climbing up it as if it was a rock wall. I turned back on the music, then started to dance wildly myself. I crashed into walls, bookshelfs, and some times tripped and fell onto my face. I would just get up and laugh no matter what. "Man Melia..." I laughed, getting up from another fall, "Your house is great!" She colapsed into the stuffed animal basket, and nodded her head in response. I laughed, and the next thing I new, a few hours had sweped by me as if a torpeedo, and Melia's mom walked into the room right hen I had fallen into the basket and announced I had to leave. It was hard to part us, we grabbed each other, and said that I'd now live with them. Mom didn't by it, and dragged me away from my dear friend. I di a few dramatic screams of her name, and all I heard in response was a simple. "Bye..."


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