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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What a heavenly day....


Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2005

"Ooooooooh Hannah, Time to get up!!!" I sunk my head into my pillow, tring to ignore the desprate call of my mom. "Oooooooh Hannah!!!!!!!" She called, over and over again, every few minutes. And- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... sorry, please wait, need to go past all that nonsence.

Awww.... thank you for waiting, on with the story and starting at after swimming:

I backed away from anna, trying to mess around, when the next thing I knew I was holding my head as tightly as possible, trying to conquer the pain from me hitting me haed against the mettle poll of the porch. I hissed with horror for some reason, although I don't know why I'd hiss, and then quickly tryed to ignore it, get up, and run to the carthat was turning on trying to get my attention. I swung open the door, jumped in, swung the door tightly closed, buckled myself in, and put my hands in my lad as if nothing happened. And of course, the drove off towards the dreadful school, and- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... BORING!!!

Sorry about that, couldn't help that bor-
I mean, I couldn't help that boring stuff. Sorry again.

I ran quickly to the school, tring not to be out in the cold and damp paved outside. (Even if there wasn't really a diffrence) As I jumped into the building a little happy, I suddenly tripped and fell to the ground. A little emmbarrised, I quickly got up and walked in a fast pace to the tables to have lunch. "lenntle stoo, pear, bannanna, apple," I murmured, grabbing each item out of my papper bag, and eating each one. After finishing lunch, (Wow, this isn't one of my top ten storys! Darn it!) I ran out the door of the building to run free in the little space, and to have fun with other objects, some real some not. I ran over to balance on a little wodden rectangle keeping all the bark chips in, when I fell off and hit the ground with a big "THUMP!!!" and landing on my wittle arm(sniff). It felt as numb as your mouth was at a dentist when they put that yucky stuff in their, and you just KNOW something's bad going to happen after that.Well, about a momment later I was backing away from my friends, and accidentally toppled over the slide and hurt my back. I sucked my lip, trying to ignore all of the pain, although it wasn't the start of anything.
A few minutes latee, I walked over to my other friend, my arm and back in pain. "Hay!" called somebody, about to throw their ball to my friend, "Head's up!" No, no, it didn't hit HIM, it hit me in the eye, and I actaully saw stars run around my mind for a split second. After my back hurting, my arm numb, and now a bad eye, I burst into tears and ran across the playground cupping my eye, everything was hust a big blur. "Hannah! Hannah! What happened?!" seemed to be echoing around me, I didn't stop though, I ran on to try to hide myself. I ran through the door of the school, and halfway their, My teacher stopped me and asked me what happened. "Somebody hit me in the eye accidentally..." I said, trying to stop crying. Next thing I knew, an ice pack was in my hand, and I was still tightly covering my eye. The bell suddenly rang, and I ran to the classroom. Everyone crouded me and asked me "What's wrong? What's wrong Hannah?" I only answer with this; "A lot of things, actaullly." After the holl read aloud, I felt like evweryone was staring at my eye in disgust, and Melia is afraid to even look at you.... Why?! I MEAN, WHY DO I ALWAYS GET HURT!!!!!!!!!???????


At 8:53 AM PST, Blogger dreyers said...

hi. you visited my blog, so i decided to visit yours, too. it made me smile. your cats are adorable! good luck finding your lost kitty...


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